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Awkward Olympic Moments with Tiki Barber, Jenna Wolfe and Tamron Hall

Via TVNewser, NBC's Olympic coverage has been taking a beating. There have been more Tiki Barber, Jenna Wolfe and Tamron Hall f**k ups than one can c*nt, I mean COUNT (0:47):

I love Jenna's reaction, her eyes bulge when Tiki slips it. Then there's Tamron, "it's the COUNT the matters, the medal COUNT".

Here is another transcript from another show:
Wolfe: What do you tell people that your nickname is?
Hall: My nickname is T-nice because all the crew members say I'm so nice.
Wolfe: No, no, no. Let me explain what your nickname is. TP, my friend. Tight Pants Tamron. TP-Tamron.
Hall: Tight pants. I'm going to kill you. Tight Pants Tamron. Well, let me tell you, today I lived up to my name. You have no idea, thank you very much.
Wolfe: Oh, we have some idea.
Hall: Yeah. Well, I — you know, I'm not going to comment because it'll be on a blog and we'll have to deal with it later.

Indeed. Also, apparently Wolfe is known as J-Date and Barber is Tik-ster.
Which blog would that be, this one?? hahaha. Tight Pants Tamron?? Classic. J-Date?? I thought she was married. As for the Tik-ster, probably should've stayed in football, would've won a superbowl no less.

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